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how we work

We fit in around you and your preferences:

Direct with clients

If you're part of a marketing communications or HR team, you may need a copywriter on a one-off basis. This could be for a specific project or to write and edit your newsletter, revamp your website or revise your training manuals, user guides or induction packs. Whatever it's for, we're happy to work with you on an as-and-when required basis.

How we quote
We can quote by the hour, the day or - more usually - the project. Whether we work direct with clients, or through agencies, we quote a price that includes rewrites, so you always know where you are with your budgets.

But perhaps the most important point about how we work is that we work professionally.

We deliver what we've promised, when we've promised it. And at the price that's been agreed.

This could be why we have been lucky enough to work with the companies below:

bullet www.naturalengland.org.uk bullet royalmail.com bullet wwf.org.uk
bullet stihl.co.uk bullet soton.ac.uk bullet ukinvest.gov.uk
bullet microsoft.com bullet bupa.co.uk bullet unitedutilities.com
bullet capgemini.com bullet ahrc.ac.uk bullet skillsforhealth.org.uk